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Sophos Antivirus Support – How to Prevent the Spread of Worms & Bots?

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Keeping cyber burglars away from your network and technical devices is an essential first line of protection. However, cyber criminals like hackers, spammers, scammers, and other online attackers, are constantly updating and refining their methods of cyber- attacks by utilizing unknown malware to avoid conventional protection installed on user’s technical devices. This means enterprises as well as individual users need some additional tools, in addition to working with their traditional antivirus protection, in order to strengthen their defenses against unknown and ever increasing threats. For many firms & customers though, these technologies are very costly and require superfluous security expertise to apply and monitor them.

That’s why Sophos Antivirus not only bringing the optional next-gen sandbox capabilities, but also providing numerous other security features. Sophos antivirus offers another layer of advanced detection and protection against ransom ware, adware, spyware and other malware attacks. Sophos Antivirus’s Sandstorm blocks evasive online threats by sending them to its cloud-sandbox to be exploded and observed in a safe digital environment. Then the threat intelligence is fed back to the Sophos way out and there the decision about whether to block or permit a file is made. This solution offered by Sophos Antivirus is simple to employ and maintain, and also affordable so that all businesses and customers can have access to the powerful threat intelligence.

Some worms vary from regular malware attacks as they have the ability to spread by themselves, without needing any support from users, hackers or others. The dangerous Wannacry and Petya ransom ware also includes the capability what’s known as the network exploit. According to this ability the threats sent out malicious network packets to take undue benefits of vulnerabilities in unpatched Windows systems present on the network.

However, the good news is the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) engine in Sophos Antivirus and Sophos XG firewalls which can support to stop this sort of attacks by watching out for, & neutralizing the malicious packets required for the worm to spread.

There are some things that the customers need to know if they want their Sophos Antivirus firewalls to block the network attacks from inside as well as outside of your network. Because hackers often use one method to get into the network, and then another to find their way around internally.

Measures to prevent the spread of worms and bots on your network:

Lessen the surface area of attack: Customers should review and re-visit all the port-forwarding guidelines to eradicate any non-important open ports. The Sophos support experts recommend the customers to use a VPN to access resources on the internal network from outside rather than port-forwarding (if possible).

Safe and sound any open ports: Customers should apply suitable Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) protection to the rules governing that traffic.

Keep your Sophos Antivirus up to date: The technical customer support experts suggest the customers to consistently check that their firewall firmware is up to date or not, in order to ensure the best protection, reliability, stability and performance of their Sophos Antivirus security suite.

Minimize the risk of lateral movement: Customers should fragment the LANs into smaller subnets & then assign those segments to separate zones that are protected by the firewall. Then they apply suitable Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) policies to instructions governing the traffic that is traversing these zones in order to prevent worms and bots from spreading between LAN fragments.

For more information on how Sophos Antivirus firewalls can support its customers against such dangerous threats like WannaCry and Petya, contact the technical customer support experts of PCTECH24 on our toll-free support phone number. The certified technical customer support professionals here are available 24x7 to offer the support services. You can get our reliable support services through any of the way you prefer; by calling on the toll-free Sophos Antivirus technical customer support phone number - 0-800- 756-1185 or by visiting our website to get the live chat support.

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