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How to fix Norton Code 8504 104 Error?

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Norton antivirus provides many different ways to secure its customer’s tech device and data. The designer of Norton Antivirus has developed and distributed many different security products (Norton 360, Norton internet security, Norton Premium security) to meet different type of requirements of the tech customers. Each & every security product made by Norton’s professionals have the ability to detect the malicious threats and other infected files in order to instantly remove those files and provide a trouble-free as well as safe digital environment for the customer.

In most cases, a system runs best whereas sometimes after using Norton 360 security software for a considerable length of time, it gets old and the system will put away heaps of garbage which will drag the computer of the customers into an awful execution. Errors such as “Norton issue code 8504 104” may appear in front of the customers. Every time a system is running continuously to a specific level that the customer just can’t hold up under with, they ought to know that the full cleaning is necessarily required.

What is “Norton issue code 8504 104”?

‘Norton antivirus error 8504 104’ is a common Windows issue that appears on the screen of the customer’s system. It limits the user’s ability to use their record along with shows a basic hazard to the private information customers have stored inside their systems. Such error can occur in large number inside a single system, thus the clearance of these errors is very important. To fix such type of technical error with Norton 360 or antivirus, customers should note both automatic and additional run-time causes through which these error occur.

What Cause “Norton error code 8504 104”?

There are many reasons responsible for ‘Norton error code 8504 104’

Turning up of operating system issues

Entry of malware, spyware, on customer’s device

Improper installation of Norton 360 Software

Due to some types of software clashes

Registry issues with Norton 360

Tech Customer Support Service to Fix “Norton error code 8504 104”

Norton issue code 8504 104” is anything but not difficult to settle with the support of tech customer service offering professionals of PC Experts Help. Contact the technical customer support experts right now by calling on the toll-free Norton support phone number - 1800-012-720 to fix Norton issue code 8504 104. The tech customer support services at our firm are also available via the Norton 360 live chat support.

List of the technical support services at our customer care:

  • Technical support services for many different products like the tablet, laptop protection
  • Password management technical support.
  • Technical support available at just a single call on the toll-free technical support phone number
  • 24x 7 available live chat technical support services
  • Availability of experienced & well- known technical support offering experts for providing the excellent as well as dependable support solutions
  • Technical support services to users from all parts of the world

The customers who want to resolve the issue on their own, can go through the troubleshooting support steps provided by the technical customer support professionals of PC Experts Help (a reliable and experienced technical customer support firm):

Steps to fix Norton Error 8504,104

Step 1. First of all, run the Norton 360 removal and re-installation tool

If the customers have any Norton security installed previously on their system, then they should un-install it prior to running the Norton removal and re-installation tool

  1. Download the Norton removal and reinstallation tool
  2. Press ‘Ctrl + J’ key to open the download window in your system.
  3. Now, double-click on the ‘Norton Removal and Re-installation tool (NRnR) symbol
  4. Read the license agreement instructions carefully followed by clicking ‘Agree’
  5. Now, Click ‘Advance’ button
  6. Click ‘Remove’ button
  7. Restart the system

Once the system restarts, follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall the Norton 360 software.

If the Antivirus customer face any type of technical or non- technical problem in following the aforementioned steps, then don’t hesitate to contact the technical customer support experts on toll-free tech customer support service helpline number - 1800-012-720 to get assistance support in completion of the process.

STEP 2. Uninstall the non-Symantec security software, if present on tech device

  1. Click the ‘Windows & R’ keys together for opening the Run exchange box.
  2. Type the associated content name and then click ‘Enter’ key
  3. Select the security product from the drop down menu & click ‘Uninstall & remove’ button
  4. Now, Follow the provided on-screen directions
  5. Restart the system after completion of the uninstallation procedure

Customers can also contact us for the support services, if having any technical issue in un-installing the non- Symantec security software. In case the customers don’t have time to make a call to get the technical support, then they can go for the live chat customer support service at our website.

STEP 3. Update the Norton 360 driver

  1. Click the ‘Windows & R’ keys together for opening the Run exchange box
  2. Type the associated content name and then click ‘Enter’ key
  3. Double- click on ‘display connector’ option in the Device Manager Window
  4. Right- click on the design card followed by selecting properties
  5. Open the Driver tab and check your product
  6. Click on ‘Update’
  7. Restart the system

If there is still ant problem in resolving Norton Error 8504,104 or facing any other type of technical issue with any of the security support software, then don’t waste time and call the technical support professionals to remove your problem? Antivirus Technical Support team of PC Experts Help is a reliable technical customer support service provider which proffer instant Technical Customer Support services to our online customers.

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