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How To Resolve When Norton Identity Safe Won’t Open On 64-Bit Windows 7?

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Technology is increasing with each passing day; computer and internet are mostly being used by the people for both personal and professional purposes. From collecting the information to connecting the business with people internet has become the first choice. But if considered the mere fact, then protecting the computer against threats and virus infections has become the prime concern. Thanks to advance software tools that protects your computer and secure the data from virus attacks and Norton Identity Safe is no exception. Dial our Norton Antivirus Support if encounter any technical issue.

How To Fix When Norton Identity Safe Not opening

To access Norton Identity Safe you need a valid Norton account and online Vault password. In the range of offering quality products and services, Norton has improved a lot, but till encounter technical issues. People who are using Windows 7 (64 bit) and higher versions are encountering some common issues like Identity Safe Vault won’t open. Instead you will see a screen saying Get Started with Sign In option than the usual login screen, from here the actual issue starts. Even after signing in, you will be sent back to the same page, this is actually annoying. This is the most common issue, but how many of us know the actual reason behind this issue? How can we resolve it? Below mentioned are some helpful tips to resolve these issues:

  • After restarting your computer, launch the Norton Product Main UI, this is where you need to check whether you are signed in to Norton Account or not.
  • If Sign In link is missing then, launch the browser with tool bar enabled and click on Vault Closed or Access Vault from it and check whether its solving your issue.
  • If Sign In link is available then, click on it and login to your Norton Account and later launch browser with tool bar enabled
  • Now, click on Vault Closed or Access Vault from it and check whether its solving your issue.


  • You can try by clearing all the Windows temporary files. Then find the Windows/Prefetch folder where you need to delete all the files contained in the specific folder. These files are sure to help Windows load programs very quickly. They will be recreated when Windows is restarted and the chances are high that things will go smoothly.
  • Try running LiveUpdate manually for one or more time, restart your PC as and when needed until no updates are available is displayed.
  • Restart the computer once again. The first restarts may take some time as the Prefetch files are recreated.

If these steps do not prove helpful then dial our technical customer support phone number 1-888-492-7521 available round the clock and talk to our certified professionals. Our technical customer support team is known for their reliability and authenticity. Being one of the reliable technical customer support services we assure our clients to render the best ever solutions in the least possible time. Matching with the requirements of the clients we are recommended for offering quality services in the least possible time. Hence, do not hesitate if you encounter any technical issue, just dial our technical customer support phone number 1-888-492-7521. Moreover, we assure our clients offer quality services considering the technical changes in mind. Our technical customer support services are provided either manually or remotely, that can be taken as per customers needs. Hence,. If you are looking for reliable Norton Support then just dial our phone number 1-888-492-7521 and get instant resolution for all your technical needs.

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