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How To Fix Lockup And Hang Issues On A Dell Laptop?

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With the advancements in the technology, dependency of the users on the technical devices like computers, laptops, etc. have also increased to a large extent. Moreover, due to the comfort user experience in carrying the laptop devices as compared to the desktop PCs have made these easy to handle gadgets more attracting. And amongst the number of laptops available in the electronic market, Dell Laptop is one of the most trusted computing gadget that are available with all the features allowing the users to compete with this ever advancing digital world.

Some of the excellent features which you can get in your Dell Laptop are:

This gadget provides Excellent Storage Space for you

Its Battery Life is awesome that ends for large time

Best thing is that it holds Memory Expendability

It is enriched with a Fully Powered Processor

Dell Laptop also offers Wi-Fi facility

It is an excellent Portable Device

Tremendous graphic resolution

Incorporates High power RAM

Give excellent performance

Have Webcam utility

These are the qualitative characteristics featured in your Dell Laptop. After looking towards these, no one can keep their hands back and surely go for this best customer experience providing laptop but the annoying fact is that some technical faults create issues like ‘Lockup and hang problem on a system’. Actually this has become a common issue nowadays and reported by a number of users. But no need to worry if you are also suffering from Dell Laptop’s Lockup and Hang Issues’ because you have reached at a right place i.e. Pctech24. The technicians of this reliable Dell Laptop Support firm have provided (below) the appropriate guidelines for helping the customers like you in resolving this issue.

Cause of Lockup and Hang Issues on a Dell Laptop

The reason behind occurrence of this problem can be any out of both the software error as well as the hardware issue.

In order to fix the issue you can either follow the instructions given below or call on Toll-free Dell Laptop Support Phone Number – 1800 83 24 24.

Steps to fix Lockup and Hang Issues on a Dell Laptop

Follow the steps carefully and accordingly in order to avoid any error.

Step 1. First of all, run the ‘PC Doctor’ to check and find if any error is existing on your system.

Step 2. Make sure that the latest BIOS code is installed on your laptop system.

Step 3. Now, scan the drive for detecting the viruses and other malware existence of which may be the cause of this issue. Make sure that you are using an updated version of the software.

  • Always check for the updates of the antivirus program installed in your laptop on a regular basis.
  • Spywares and other malwares may be the cause of performance issues. Most of the times, the antivirus software installed in your system fails to detect the spyware or adware & thus poses security concerns.
  • You may easily guess if the adware has attacked your laptop as they cause excessive numbers of unwanted pop-ups while browsing the internet.

Step 4. Verify all the system resources and then set them as per your requirement.

Step 5. It is recommended to make use of System Restore, Configsafe, or similar tools also to save the present settings.

Step 6. After that, load the original configuration & then compare the performance of the system.

Step 7. Remove any suspected troublemaking program from the laptop to avoid further technical issues and damages to your system.

Step 8. You can also check out the memory added as an option & inspect the part numbers are exact.

Step 9. Also, check if any already installed cooling fan is not working properly or in case the airflow is blocked.

Step 10. Thereafter following all the above steps reset all adapters, power connectors, & memory cables.

Step 11. Make sure that all the relevant drivers are updated to the latest version available.

All the aforementioned instructions are provided by the certified and experienced technicians, thus will definitely resolve the issue of hanging & locking up of your Dell laptop. But in case the issue still persists, or there is some query related to your Dell Laptop or the issue then feel free to call us on our Dell Laptop Customer Service Phone Number – 1800 83 24 24. This is a toll-free, congestion-free as well as well-managed support helpline number which is available 24x7 to help you with excellent solution of this as well as other kind of issues in your device. No matter how hard or easy, major or minor the technical issue is for which you want to take the help of our Dell Customer Support technicians, as our expert are experienced enough to fix each and every issues that may occur and interrupt you from working properly. Being a technically manufactured gadget your Dell Laptop also needs maintenance on regular basis in order to operate as effectively as for the first time it is doing and our support team is widely appreciated for being always ready to help the customers in such type of need. Hence just contact us at anytime from anywhere US, UK, Canada, Australia or any other region of the world to enjoy the benefits of best solutions.

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