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How to Disable or Cancel Trend Micro Auto Renew Service?

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Using Trend Micro Antivirus security for protection of our computers, laptops, and smart phones is really a good decision, as it is a well-established company keep on updating its security products with latest technology based tools and methods. This advance technique utilized by Trend Micro manufacturers allow the programs to detect and remove threats even from the external Drives, Dropbox, online files, etc. Additionally, Trend Micro Antivirus, internet security, maximum security incorporates some unique features that allows you to monitor the online activities of your kids thus preventing them from accessing the malicious websites, and utility which keep you safe while the usage of social media sites like Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn by checking your privacy you have set on these sites that may expose your personal details.

Trend Micro Auto Renew

Also known as Automatic Renewal, it is a service provided by Trend Micro to its purchasers who have bought it online. It is designed to remove customers’ worry of manually renewing their product subscription and taking risk of a loss in security at any sort of time. This service lowering the users’ tension will automatically renew their subscription accurately prior to its expiry date along with providing the priority version updates to the latest products.

Advantages of getting an Automatic Renewal plan:

  • No fears of misplacing protection for any certain period of time.
  • In paying the annual subscription Automatic Renewal is a more convenient way.
  • The user with this plan will get automatic discounts based from the original price of the program.
  • The best part about this service is that you can cancel or disable it any time whenever you want.

You can enroll in the Automatic Renewal service only by handling an order for either a subscription renewal or a new purchase online. By default, the Automatic Renewal service is enabled on your Shopping Cart webpage, where you do not have to do anything except opting into the service when giving out the order.

Disable or Cancel Trend Micro Auto-Renew Service?

You can easily cancel the Automatic Renewal service by following the steps given below:

Note: The below given procedure will help you to cancel the service via Trend Micro Account or Shopping Cart Page

Steps to be followed:

  • Go to the Trend Micro Account.
  • After that type your email address as well as password, then click on Sign In, in order to login the account.
  • In case you have the serial number but forgot the registered email address, don’t worry simply click on Forgot which address you used before?
  • In case you have forgotten the password, clicking on Forgot password can help you.
  • In case you are still unable to open the Account or the registered email address is already inactive, contact certified Trend Micro Technical Support professionals for assistance.
  • Then click the green colored ‘Auto-Renew ON slider’ option.
  • Here click on ‘Disable Now’.
  • Once the process of Disabling Automatic Renewal Service gets over, check for the option ‘Renew Now’ as this is the proof of successful cancellation.

Hope the aforementioned steps have helped you in canceling or disabling your Trend Micro Auto- Renew. But if you are still not able to stop this service or having any other difficulty, don’t get nervous and call on toll-free Trend Micro Customer Support Phone Number1800 83 24 24. The technical experts here are very intelligent and highly-skilled, thus can execute this process instantly for you from their side by taking control of your device via establishing a remote connection with it. Our certified Trend Micro Antivirus Support technicians can also assist you in executing several other processes like installation, reinstallation, update, configuration and many others. On the other hand, the highly knowledgeable customer care executives of our firm can provide you with satisfactory answers for all yours queries such as: How much will be charged from your credit card upon auto-renew? What to do if you have received an email stating you’re your license was auto-renewed and noticed that the billing address needs to be changed. What should you do if your license remains expired even after signing up for Auto-Renewal? How could you have been enrolled to Auto-Renewal without knowing about it? And many more. So, simply call us at any time (24x7) and get instant customer satisfactory solution.

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