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How to deal Pharming Malware with use of Bitdefender Antivirus?

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If someday you plan to go to a shopping mall but end up in a fruit market, then that’s a condition of bad directional result. In the cyber world or PC world, we mention it pharming.

What is the working procedure of Pharming?

Phishing is an online attack where a cyber attacker sends fake mails to the targeted victim. The mails seems as real stuff from a trusted firm such as a bank. The objective of these emails is to lure the victim into browsing a forge website and giving out crucial data like bank account details.

Now, pharming; it is harder to find and is a greater threat to a person’s life and their valuable data. Unlike phishing, it does not go for such emails, but secretly redirects the target to a forge website, even if they have physically entered in the genuine web address. In most scenarios, the forged website is developed to look like the genuine one, for example a bank’s website. And if the user comes under trick, then they might give away their secret or bank account information, which would be then used by the hacker.

To perform pharming attack, a hacker may either infect your PC by installing infected software in it, or by attacking the server linked to your device.

Tips to secure your computer device from Pharming

1. Whenever you visit a banking or e-commerce website, check out the “locked padlock” icon in the window corner of the URL, and confirm that the site’s URL starts with “https”. Presence of these two symbols clarifies that you are on a secured website.

2. It is also crucial to make sure that the website has a proper certificate of authority by a trusted service. The certificate shows the correct name of the website you are log in. You can see this certificate by tapping on the “padlock” icon in the browser’s address bar.

3. After you reach the website, look at its URL. For instance, if you enter in “” and reach on the Google homepage but with a URL like “”, and then notice it as a pharming thing. Do not go any further.

5. Keep yourself updated about the current safety threats

Even though pharming is not as old as phishing, still it provides a large opportunity for cyber criminals to attack their victims. There is several protection software’s available in the market these days. But Bitdefender Malware Removal is one of the best to get protection from malware as well as ransomware. If you are not able to resolve your problems, you can contact Bitdefender technical support. They will give you full technical support, till your product is under warranty.

Bitdefender security solutions give extensive security against phishing, pharming and numerous other cyber security threats, across mobile and desktop platforms. The after sale service of Bitdefender is also amazing. Simply contact Bitdefender customer Technical Support for any kind of issue regarding installation of new and removal of outdated Bitdefender Antivirus.

If you face any trouble with the working of the Bitdefeneder Antivirus, contact PcTech24 customer Technical Support. PcTech24 is one of the most trusted brands by customer for online technical support. There is popular product of PcTech24 called Bitdefender Malware Removal; this software is majorly used for removing malware. Bitdefender Malware Removal is installed with any operating system. The job of online Bitdefender Malware Removal technical Support is to remove and scan virus, deal with pharming. Technicians are highly qualified with proper skills to fix all sorts of Bitdefender Malware Removal, install software issues.

Features of PcTech24 Bitdefender Malware Removal Technical Support

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  • Diagnose and removal of malware and spyware.
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