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Risk involved with the usage of Free Wi-Fi Connections

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They say good things come for free, but not all of them. This blog post quickly takes you through the risks of using unsafe Wi-Fi and some security tips should you access such networks.

From café shops to public libraries, and metro stations to restaurants, most public places now offer Wi-Fi for free. And who does not like ‘Free’ things? We all love it and wish it was all over the place, don’t we? And when this very word is linked to Internet, people just can’t stop themselves from using it. And in this rage of excitement, they knowingly or unknowingly reveal themselves to cyber hackers and criminals.

When you are on an unsafe Wi-Fi, an attacker can access whatever data you are providing away online, including your login data, banking information, etc.

The biggest threats of unsafe Wi-Fi networks

Using an unsafe Wi-Fi connection, a hacker can:

1. Access your account’s user ID and passwords.

2. Capture the data of online traffic processed on your phone or PC. In this way, they can maintain a data of the websites you mostly see, and do attack from these websites.

3. Gain access to your PC, its network and data.

4. Trigger a spam or malware threat on your device.

5. Hijack the account you are logged into, and use it for malicious activities.

6. Take you to a phishing webpage where you might provide your personal data.

Security tips for Wi-Fi Hotspots

  • While accessing free, unsafe Wi-Fi hotspots, stop accessing websites where you have to login or provide your financial data, like social sites, email accounts, online bank accounts, online stores, etc. To deal with such technical issue, customer can call support number of AVG Antivirus Support Service.
  • If you login, then use websites with an ‘https’ address. But, be alert that although these web sites may be safe, they are not perfect. To deal with such technical issue, customer can go for the AVG Antivirus Customer Technical Support Service.
  • If you have to carry out a vital online banking transaction, always favor a safe Wi-Fi network even if you have to pay for it.
  • Stop file sharing on your PC. This lowers the danger of an attacker to barge into the personal information on your device. To deal with such technical issue, customer can go for the AVG Antivirus Customer Technical Support Service.
  • Create strong as well as unique passwords, stop using your name, dictionary words, birth date or pet’s name. Use special characters, uppercase letters, meaningless words or phrases. This blog post of AVG Antivirus Customer Technical Support Service will reveal you how you can create strong passwords using a few easy tips.
  • Use unique passwords for every online account.
  • Avoid clicking ‘Remember me’, ‘Remember password’, ’Keep me logged in’ boxes.
  • Always physically opt for Wi-Fi networks. Do not let your PC or smart phone automatically connect to them.
  • Turn OFF Wi-Fi when not in use and always keep in mind to log out.
  • Make sure that your computer’s antivirus or phone’s mobile security application of AVG Antivirus is up-to-date, and so are its operating system, software, and Internet browsers.

The probability of you being hacked far goes beyond the chances of your home being burglarized. This is a big market, say experts at Pc Experts Help. This data could not be any truer. So, keep in mind that free, unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots are good as long as they are used only for surfing websites. Stay safe!

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